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It peeled the skin from my eyes

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writermanguy asked: Your art has impressed me. You're pretty damn good. I'd like to see if you could help me out with drawing a few characters for a book I'm writing.


That sounds awesome :) please tell me more, im very honored :D and thankful

… unless it requires free work, which im still recovering from. Helping others in the past just left me more broke, academically unstable, accumulating bad karma and way too many dark and deadly nights. In the end I was used, devalued myself, craft and community. 

And don’t forget the sleepless nights thinking about the false promises of riches and fame, future sales expectations and percentages. Lying to my family that I have opportunities coming in, even though the truth is that I’m sitting in a corner staring at the wall wondering what my purpose in life is. 

But thank you for even considering me and taking a look at my art :) 

"But think of the exposure!" Ha ha ha